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Posted by ku_mie

Welcome to Tengku Azmi Blogspot!

After so many years, my dream of owning my webpage comes true!! Now, I'm proud to present to you, my blog!!
I am planning to make this blog as useful as possible, so I hope for everyone to share opinion with me on making this page a successful and useful blog.

About Me

My name is Tengku Azmi . Friends calls me Ku Mie(coolme), but colleagues and my students call me Sir Coolme. That's how I got the unique name.I am now teaching at SMK Kandis , Bachok, Kelantan,Malaysia. I'm an Science and Accounting teacher.

Life Experiences

This is the place which I want to share my life experiences and my knowledge with everyone. I do hope by having this blog, it would be able to change someone else's life, just like what ICT did to me. AS EASY AS ICT...


Tan said...

Congratulations! You really make us all proud!